Adventures of The Vale

Ambush and Theft.

The adventure begins.

Hired by Traveus to protect his caravan while travelling to Fallcrest we were set upon by a group of goblins.

After a fierce battle many the goblins fled, realising that this caravan was not such an easy target as they thought. As they turned tale and ran we noticed a dark figure upon a black horse atop a hill in the distance, he shook his fist in the air and rode off into the distance.

After fighting off the goblins Traveus explained that they’d stolen a box from him and charged us to find it.
When asked what was in the box Traveus explained it was a personal item. Mythradities the Righteous then accused him of not being an honest merchant and ripped open one of the wagons as if to steal the swords and bows within. The rest of the party stood up for Traveus, calming down their erstwhile companion.

We stabilized one of the dying goblin and, after questioning him, found out the name of their master, Malareth, and the direction of their lair.



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