Adventures of The Vale

The Fearsome Farallax

The adventurers nearly meet their match.

Entering a dark corridor we noticed small brown scaly skinned creatures watching us from the shadows. After trying to converse with them they lead us down to there master, the white dragon Farallax.

Having stumbled into his lair we found out that he had no love for Malareth and nearly convinced him that we could do his bidding. However we angered the beast and he attacked us.

We made for a hasty retreat, slaying many of his minions in the proscess and fending him off. We made it to saftey, closed the door behind us and attempted to seal it using magic. However something went terribly wrong…

The door exploded leaving several of us unconscious on the floor and sending chunks of red hot stone at the dragon. Enraged he began his onslaught again and with no choice we defended ourselves.
At the last moment all but one of us were lying on the floor helpless. But the dragon was also gravely wounded. By some miracle Malachai leapt atop the dragon and dealt it a final blow, sending the beast crumpling to the floor.

That night we tended our wounds, knowing we had nearly met our deaths at the hands of a worthy foe. We had all triumphed and learnt much. We barricaded ourselve in a room and slept…



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