Adventures of The Vale

A visitor from the Shadowfell

Returning to the group we told them of Jixin, Malachai and White Axe went to track him down while Crista and Mythradities the Righteous tried to solve the riddles on the bowls so that we could gain access to the inner sanctum.

Chasing after Jixin we found him on the other side of a large room fill with statues, trying to get a door open. The room however was a trap, we tried to cross it but stepped on the wrong tiles and the statues became alive. During our battle Jixin escaped through the door and after destroying the statues we follow the Shapeshifter.

Entering a small room we found a man with night black skin weathed in shadows with his foot on the chest of a young lady his sword, also a dark black with swirling shadows around it, was pointed at her neck. [He looked something like this “Your text to link here…”]

He greeted us and asked if we knew this shapeshifter, we asnwered that we were tracking him, he asked if we had need of him and on answering no he stabbed him through the heart.
He sat down to clean his sword and we began carefully talking to him, he seemed unconcern with us so long as we didnt get in his way. He introduced himself as He explained that he was from the shadowfell, the plane of shadows, and that something in this realm was breaking through the barrier to the shadowfell. He went on to say that when light spills into the shadowfell beasts come towards it and this rip was near a settlement that was under his guardianship. We asked him of his powers and demonstrated by stepping from shadow to shadow, covering the room in darkness and appearing infront of White Axe with his sword mere inches from White Axes nose.

We explained that we were he searching for a wizard who had stolen something and that perhaps this wizard was also the cause of this rip. After hearing this he said that it might be a possibility and agreed to come with us, for the time being.

The Shapeshifters Riddle

After defeating the bug bear Kurrash we attempted to enter a sealed door but found that it was protected by a shimmering red magical field that was impervious to our attempt to crack it.

Leaving Malachai to see if he could figure a way around the mechanism that kept the field in place and Crista for protection, Mythradities the Righteous and White Axe went in search of another way to enter the locked room.

After travelling down a long corridor they entered a room that filled with 4 human guards.
While fighting them we realized that the room we occupied was filled with evil magic emanating from a huge statue the demon prince Baphomet in the shape of a Minotaur.

After killing two of the guards one of them shape-shifted into a woman and began attacking the last guard. After the last guard was dead we interrogated the shapeshifter, finding out it was a doppleganger by the name of Jixin, it was a mercenary hired by Malareth as protection but that he wasnt willing to pay with his life, he had no allegiance to Malareth.

We told us that Malareth uses a special ceremony to enter the inner sanctum, he takes a book and quill, writes in it and then tears off the paper out and puts a slip of paper in each of 3 bowls and that resting on a altar in front of the statue of Baphomet.

We tried to take him with us to help us fight Malareth and that we’d kill him if he didnt come but the fear of necromancy made him run. He drank a potion, became invisible and the last we saw of him was one of the doors slamming shut.

The Bugbear and his Buddies

After a fitfull nights rest we awoke to continue on our journey.

We entered what looked like and old store-room of some sort. There we clashed in battle with several of Malareths’s Goblin servitors and his second in command Kurrash, a bug bear. We dispacted the goblins with not too much difficulty – though their cunning in battle was somewhat tricky. Kurrash, wielding a magical battleaxe was another thing all together. Slicing through our armour like a knife through hot butter.

But once his allies we dispatched the full might of our party was no match for him and he fell, whispering in his last breathe that we would never stop his master.

The Fearsome Farallax
The adventurers nearly meet their match.

Entering a dark corridor we noticed small brown scaly skinned creatures watching us from the shadows. After trying to converse with them they lead us down to there master, the white dragon Farallax.

Having stumbled into his lair we found out that he had no love for Malareth and nearly convinced him that we could do his bidding. However we angered the beast and he attacked us.

We made for a hasty retreat, slaying many of his minions in the proscess and fending him off. We made it to saftey, closed the door behind us and attempted to seal it using magic. However something went terribly wrong…

The door exploded leaving several of us unconscious on the floor and sending chunks of red hot stone at the dragon. Enraged he began his onslaught again and with no choice we defended ourselves.
At the last moment all but one of us were lying on the floor helpless. But the dragon was also gravely wounded. By some miracle Malachai leapt atop the dragon and dealt it a final blow, sending the beast crumpling to the floor.

That night we tended our wounds, knowing we had nearly met our deaths at the hands of a worthy foe. We had all triumphed and learnt much. We barricaded ourselve in a room and slept…

The Goblin Gaurds
The first true battle

Following the directions of the interagated goblin we tracked the thieving goblins through a section of forest. While traversing some difficult terrain we allerted the goblins to our approach.

Cresting a hill we saw a cave with four goblins searching the area for intruders.
A furious battle commenced.

After some heroic feats of martial and magical skill the goblins were all slane. With Crista lying unconscious in the mud we decided to rest and recover for a little while before venturing further.

Ambush and Theft.
The adventure begins.

Hired by Traveus to protect his caravan while travelling to Fallcrest we were set upon by a group of goblins.

After a fierce battle many the goblins fled, realising that this caravan was not such an easy target as they thought. As they turned tale and ran we noticed a dark figure upon a black horse atop a hill in the distance, he shook his fist in the air and rode off into the distance.

After fighting off the goblins Traveus explained that they’d stolen a box from him and charged us to find it.
When asked what was in the box Traveus explained it was a personal item. Mythradities the Righteous then accused him of not being an honest merchant and ripped open one of the wagons as if to steal the swords and bows within. The rest of the party stood up for Traveus, calming down their erstwhile companion.

We stabilized one of the dying goblin and, after questioning him, found out the name of their master, Malareth, and the direction of their lair.


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