Welcome to ‘Adventures of the Vale’ our Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

This website is specifically for our campaign. To keep track of the story, to keep useful notes on and to give flavour to the world which we’re in.

Have a look at the adventure log to remind yourself of what’s happened. Look at the wiki to learn about the world. The site is a bit spares at the moment but will slowly grow with time.

I’ll be asking for 1 person to volunteer to write us a summary of what happened after every game session and post it in the adventure log, so you’ll all be part of creating the record of the story.

Also if anyone wants to write stuff to add any extra flavour to the world then they are more than welcome to. (e.g. journal entries from your character describing how they see the rest of the group, a story that your character tells the group around the camp fire one night, background for your character, etc)

Adventures of The Vale

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