Adventures of The Vale

The Shapeshifters Riddle

After defeating the bug bear Kurrash we attempted to enter a sealed door but found that it was protected by a shimmering red magical field that was impervious to our attempt to crack it.

Leaving Malachai to see if he could figure a way around the mechanism that kept the field in place and Crista for protection, Mythradities the Righteous and White Axe went in search of another way to enter the locked room.

After travelling down a long corridor they entered a room that filled with 4 human guards.
While fighting them we realized that the room we occupied was filled with evil magic emanating from a huge statue the demon prince Baphomet in the shape of a Minotaur.

After killing two of the guards one of them shape-shifted into a woman and began attacking the last guard. After the last guard was dead we interrogated the shapeshifter, finding out it was a doppleganger by the name of Jixin, it was a mercenary hired by Malareth as protection but that he wasnt willing to pay with his life, he had no allegiance to Malareth.

We told us that Malareth uses a special ceremony to enter the inner sanctum, he takes a book and quill, writes in it and then tears off the paper out and puts a slip of paper in each of 3 bowls and that resting on a altar in front of the statue of Baphomet.

We tried to take him with us to help us fight Malareth and that we’d kill him if he didnt come but the fear of necromancy made him run. He drank a potion, became invisible and the last we saw of him was one of the doors slamming shut.



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